A Look Back- Christmas 2011

Hi… My name is katie and I am a blog slacker. I mean… I have good reason right? Kids, homeschool, new baby. We’ve got lots of pics and lots of memories… just not a lot of time to put them up. So… here… I’ll do a few posts today to catch you up.

Christmas is my absolutely favorite time of year. I am always conflicted because I want it to get here, but I don’t because then it will be over! We had our family Christmas a few days early and then packed up and headed to Atlanta to visit friends and family.

 Selah was very excited and kept saying “my very own microphone!” Elijah and Abigail picked this gift out just for her. 
 The professor got a sea scope for exploring all the creeks and rivers around here. He really knows how to make you feel like you’ve picked just the right gift!

 One of the kids’ favorite family traditions is wearing pjs all day on Christmas. I made them each a pair of pj pants this year and a matching hat. I grabbed a few comfy shirts from Wal- Mart and tada… new Christmas PJs! Abigail is modeling her pjs and her new lip gloss in this picture. Isn’t she gorgeous?

 People always talk about how much Elijah looks like Brian. I never really see it… until I see pictures like this! I mean… seriously… they are definitely father and son.

 We headed to Atlanta for Christmas weekend. I also tried my hand at making the kids some matching outfits for church. I wasn’t sure how Elijah would feel about the pants, but he’s been wearing them non stop since them. Makes this mama feel good! He has a really hard time keeping his eyes open in pictures…. he worked really hard in this one to keep them wide open!

 Five cousins sitting on a couch. We missed Hadassah this year, but she was sick 😦

One more handmade gift I want to brag about… yes, I am tooting my own horn. I made my brother and nephew matching angry birds hats! Too funny!

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