Abigail Dugdale… Five Year Old

Read the title of this post again… five years old… is anyone else having a hard time believing this?!? I mean, Elijah has been a little old man stuck in a child’s body from the beginning… when he turns another year older, it’s just not quite as alarming.. but Abigail… she’s a whole other story. I just can’t believe how big she’s getting!!!

She’s been telling me for weeks that she’s tired of being four and just ready to be a five year old. Thankfully, the new baby waited to make her appearance until after Abigail’s birthday… so we were able to celebrate our big girl with no distractions.

 It has become a tradition in our family to take the birthday kid to Chick Fil A for a birthday breakfast. Look at these sweet sisters!

 Abigail requested a big breakfast for her birthday dinner and Brian picked up cupcakes for dessert. She’s savoring every bite!

 The following Saturday (the day after our newest one was born), I was in the hospital and Brian graciously hosted a party for our sweet five year old! We had family in town and invited over some new friends. The house filled up fast and the kids had a blast!

 The Birthday Girl!

She was very specific, and has been for a while about wanting a My Little Pony Cake. It had to be pink with ponies on top. I used to make all the decorations out of fondant, but I’ve decided it’s more fun to have a cake with toys on top that can be played with later. She is still talking about this “pretty” cake. I got to have a piece that night when I came home from the hospital.


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