Introducing Tybi

A couple of weeks ago, I was just recovering from the stomach bug and there was a concern with the baby’s heart rate. We thought we might be inducing. I came home from the doctor to find Brian online researching baby names. He wrote out a list of the ones we liked. We always look at the meaning of the name before making our decision. Brian came across the name Tybi (we are pronouncing it with two short “I” sounds) and found that it means “God is good.” We just couldn’t get away from that name and it seemed fitting when we met our newest little bundle.

I was not induced then, but waited another week and a half and was induced then. The labor was somewhat eventful as a myriad of nurses flooded the room when my blood pressure bottomed out… but once that was taken care of, the delivery itself was a breeze!

So… here she is… Tybi Elizabeth

 7 pounds, 7 ounces (same and Elijah and Selah)… 20 inches long (same as Selah)… born at 4:47 pm
 Love at first sight
 Double trouble two year olds… cousin Hadassah with Selah. Sweet girls!
 Gammy and Pops
Sweet baby Tybi. She’s been a trooper so far and so nice to sleep at night… she’s so thoughtful… letting me and Brian get some much needed rest! Let’s hope that trend continues!


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