Impromptu Photo Shoot

Tybi is five and a half weeks old. My window for newborn pictures is quickly closing. Before I show you these pictures, please check out the morning I’ve had…

The kids watched TV for a couple of hours (don’t judge)… After they turned off the tv, Tybi started crying to be fed. I got settled in with the bottle and Tybi when out comes Selah (who is potty training) to announce that she is stinky. I put Tybi in the swing and took Selah to the bathroom. As I am helping her get out of her dirty underpants, the contents of said underpants falls on the floor and on my foot. I get the floor and my foot cleaned up and Selah on the potty just in time to hear a crash. Elijah comes to inform me that he knocked the humidifier off the girls dresser and now there is water everywhere on their carpeted floor. I get that dried up (while Selah is on the potty and Tybi is in the swing). I go to retrieve Selah and flush the potty only to realize that it won’t flush because it is stopped up… lovely.

I get everyone dry and clean and content… I go to finish feeding Tybi and because she was in such a good mood after all this, I decided I better get those pictures taken while I could. It was a nice diversion to an otherwise chaotic morning.

Without further ado… here are the results of my non- professional, impromptu newborn photos:

 Time to add some siblings:

 And now for my personal favorite…

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