Childrens Museum Fun

We joined our local childrens museum this year. The mountains of western NC are great for hiking and exploring, but there is not much to do when the weather turns cold. We thought this would be a good indoor option. We actually were the museums 100,000 visitors and got our picture in the newspaper along with a goody bag and balloons (gotta love small towns). We have enjoyed the museum and all it has to offer.

 We got to meet some local police dogs and hear all about their jobs. Abigail (the brave one) went up to pet the dog. 
 Abigail and Elijah went to a nano science class and got to make gummy worms.
 Elijah and one of his buds went to a wiggly worms class and learned about earthworms. They got to make their own earthworm farms! I definitely scooped earthworm poop out and put it in our garden the other day!
Abigail attended a royal tea party. They made crowns and scepters and went on a royal parade, learned about table manners and had a tea party.

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