Looking Back- Elijah’s Birthday

The boy is 7!!! How did that happen… I feel like I was just writing a post about him turning 6!!! The night before he turned 7, Elijah lost his first tooth.. just one more reminder that he’s growing up. *sniff* Another reminder…. we usually take the kids to Chick Fil A for their birthday breakfast, but Elijah had his own idea and asked for cinammon rolls and hot chocolate. He is his own person for sure.

 We had an all about Elijah day for his birthday… we went to the childrens’ museum, he got to go to the toy store and spend his birthday money and then we went out to eat at an Irish Pub.. yeah… you read that right.

We also had a birthday party for Elijah with family and friends.

 The kids got to make their own pizzas using English muffins and toppings!
 We split the kids up into teams… boys v. girls for a scavenger hunt using digital cameras. That girls team (plus Daniel) looks fierce!
And then, there was the boys team. For the last picture on the scavenger hunt, they had to take a picture of them doing something silly. This was the boys’ shot.
The Cake… Nate the Great (a detective series that Elijah likes to read)

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