The Cupcake Kids

You may remember this post from last year when we first participated in a Cupcake Kids sale. Well… this year, we joined families all over the world when we hosted our own cupcake kids sale at our local ACE hardware. The kids and I baked about 70 cupcakes and headed out on Saturday morning to set up shop. The owner of the store was gracious enough to let us set up inside the store… right by the door!

 Sixty Feet is a ministry that has become dear to our hearts. We know the folks that started the ministry and have poured hours upon hours and so many resources into bringing the vision of the ministry into reality. You can read more about Sixty Feet and what they are about here.

 The Cupcake Kids are the littlest members of Sixty Feet. They have discovered that even children can have a huge impact on missions. By selling cupcakes, money is raised that can help feed, clothe, educate and house children in an otherwise desperate situation.  You can learn more about the Cupcake Kids here.

By participating in the cupcake kids sale, my children learned about how street children in Uganda live… how is it drastically different to they way we live here. My kids had the opportunity to share what they have learned with people who bought cupcakes. At one point, Elijah wanted to go play during the sale… I reminded him that this was his sale as much as mine and I NEEDED him to help and share with people why we were there. He was a tough salesman.. .he followed people around until they listened to everything he had to say!

If you didn’t get to come out to our sale, you still have an opportunity to buy a “virtual cupcake” from our online Cupcake Kids Stand. Please consider donating … all donations directly benefit the work of Sixty Feet.

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