Blog MakeOver and Catching Up

Welcome to the new Dugdale Family blog. All our old posts and pictures are here… don’t worry!

Some of you know that I was having some issues with blogger and basically abandoned the family blog because of it. However, when we were in Atlanta last week, I had several people tell me that they read our blog. I was like… oops… you mean the blog I don’t post on anymore? So… I thought I’d revive it over here on wordpress. I’ve been using wordpress for my homeschool blog for a while and haven’t had any problems.

So… maybe you’re asking about the name, “Basket Case”… ? Well… I took the first initial of everyone’s name B-rian, A-bigail, S-elah, K-atie, E-lijah and T-ybi… and since things are basically crazy all the time around here, Basket Case kind of seemed fitting. What do you think?

Alright… now that we’ve got that squared away, here’s what’s been happening with us:

We finished up school a couple of weeks ago. This is one of Elijah’s final projects… his ocean box. There is at least one sea creature to represent each type we learned about. He’s very proud of this box!

We’ve been gardening… this is our watermelon patch. We also have corn, sunflowers, bean, cucumbers, carrots and spinach.

We’ve been hiking… one of our favorite places is triple falls.

We’ve been playing… a lot!

We’ve been visiting cousins…

… and visiting grandparents… they all LOVE story time with Gammy!

We took Brian out for breakfast on Father’s day. He is a great daddy for sure!

I was a guest blogger for a big Homeschool blog… you can read my post here.


I made the girls these super cute Little House on the Prairie bonnets because they are pretty much obsessed with being Mary and Laura (they made up a brother for Elijah to be… his name is Charlie). And… I liked the bonnets so much, I decided to do a giveaway on my homeschool blog… head over and check it out if you are interested.

So… I am going to TRY to keep up with this blog. Thank you to those who had such nice things to say about it and our family. I’m going to TRY to jump back on the multitudes on Monday bandwagon, share our family meals… what works and what doesn’t AND TRY to use this blog to record the hilarious things my kids say!

Thanks for stopping in. What do you think of the new look?


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