Meal Plan Monday

Here’s What’s on The Menu for this week at the Dugdale House:


Monday: Balsamic Pork Roast (crock pot)… yes, this was on the menu last week… but it didn’t make the cut, so we’re trying again this week!

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday!

We like to get the Scoops tortilla chips to go with our tacos. Brian and I usually crush them up and top them with taco fixings to make taco salad. The kids, on the other hand, like to make individual “taco bowls” for their meal. It’s been a big hit. We do some variation of taco Tuesday almost every week.

Wednesday: Leftovers or Something Patriotic… we’ll have to see about this one

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo stuffed Pasta Shells

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Who knows?

Again, for sides I usually just throw a bag of steam fresh veggies in the microwave or add a salad to the menu. We occasionally have biscuits if the meal calls for it… we’ll probably have garlic cheddar biscuits with the pork roast and maybe some garlic toast with the stuffed shells. We (unfortunately) are a carb loving family!

How about you? What’s on the menu for this week?


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