Garden Fun

We decided to plant a little garden along the side of our house this year. We have not had success in the past with planting things. I’ve tried herbs before and we had a little tomato plant in Florida that did not last very long at all… it had one lone green tomato on it that Abigail picked without permission. We went into this gardening adventure with very little knowledge. Brian asked some questions to various people in town and we got to planting.

We planted carrots, basil, oregano, spinach, beans, sunflowers, corn and watermelon. When the basil and oregano looked like they weren’t going to do anything, we cleared that patch out and planted cucumbers instead. It has been SO FUN to watch all those tiny seeds sprout and grow into such different looking plants.

We’ve already had spinach salad and tried some of the beans and carrots. We pickled our first couple of cucumbers (you can read more about that HERE). We picked some corn the other day that we’ll have tomorrow night.

I have really enjoyed getting into the garden and working… there is something so satisfying about it. The kids look forward to running out and checking on the plants each morning. They love to take turns watering it!

Selah was pretty excited about this carrot. She carried it around for about fifteen minutes… she used it as a sword to swat at the other carrot plants. I finally made her surrender it to me so I could put it up!

The watermelon and cucumbers are the plants I am most excited about. We have about five or six watermelons that are growing on the vines right now. They get bigger each day! We have several cucumbers that will be ready for picking any day now. The kids want to make more pickles. Brian has a recipe he wants to try as well. I’ll probably be blogging more about those things on our homeschool blog if you want to follow along there.

I am so excited to learn more about gardening. I am already looking forward to next year’s planting season!

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