Building Memories- Indoor Camping

I have to say that Brian is an amazing husband and father. He is so great at creating wonderful experiences for our kids. He can take a simple night at home and turn it into something great. I do hope our kids take these memories with them throughout their lives.

The latest plan was indoor camping. Abigail has been wanting to go camping for real for quite some time. Brian and I are not the biggest fans of sleeping outside in tents. We would do it in our backyard, but there are obnoxiously loud dogs in our neighborhood… plus Brian found some big paw prints on our trash cans recently… so, no thanks!

As a test run to prepare for maybe, possibly, one day actual camping, Brian set up the tent in the girls room. We pulled out the sleeping bags and let the kids spend the night together.

We had a picnic blanket set up in the hall for our dinner…. sandwiches and chips.

Brian set up a “campfire” with wood and candles. We put some marshmallows on skewers to roast and made smores… it actually worked!

The kids were so funny.. they couldn’t wait to go to bed. They got themselves ready and tried to snuggle down WAY before bed time. We spent time singing along with the guitar, reading some Little House on the Prairie and having our night time Bible reading. The kids settled down remarkably quickly, all things considered and passed out in the tent. Although, the next morning, Elijah declared that he would be sleeping in his own bed the next time. Apparently the girls are active sleepers.

They even had stars to gaze up at!

Fun times… way to go Super Dad for planning such a fun night!


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