First Day of School 2012

In lieu of Meal Plan Monday, I’m sharing some pics from our first day of school. I wasn’t planning on starting school for a couple of more weeks, but we’ve been getting packages in the mail with school books and I got a laminator for my birthday that I’ve been playing with. Elijah couldn’t take it any more… he was begging to start school.
So… I scrambled around this weekend getting things ready for the kiddos to start this morning. I never know what grade to say the kids are in… according to their ages, Elijah is in second grade and Abigail is in Kindergarten… BUT Elijah is doing a third grade spelling and math, reading on a 12th grade reading level,etc. Abigail is doing a first grade curriculum and plugging on ahead in math. God has blessed these kids with quick minds. Elijah loves to read and Abigail is really bright when it comes to math. It’ll be interesting to see how the year goes with both of them “doing school.” Selah has things she can do if she wants to join us. She’s the wildcard for sure.

Here are the First Day of School Pictures.




For those of you who are interested in following our homeschool year more closely, feel free to check our my homeschool blog, Plants and Pillars.

And for those of you who are really missing meal plan monday… I haven’t planned our meals yet, but I know we are having Pepperoni Pizza Bites tonight and Taco Tuesday Tomorrow.



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