Celebrating Selah at Three Years Old

Three years ago, we had just moved to central Florida for Brian to go to RTS. I was about 34weeks pregnant when we got there. I kept putting off making a doctors appointment… insurance was frustrating, we were settling into a new house and chapter in our lives. Brian was working as a manager at Chick Fil A while also going to seminary full time. Going to the doctor was not high on my priority list. I finally realized that I needed to go at about 36 weeks pregnant (especially considering that Abigail and Elijah were both about a week early). I called to make my appointment and let them know how far along I was, but when I got to the doc’s office, the nurse just kept staring at me. When I asked what was wrong, she said, “we have written down that you are six weeks pregnant!” Clearly there was a miscommunication and she realized that rather than just beginning my pregnancy, I was quickly coming to the end.

Selah was born at around 2:15 in the afternoon. It was the easiest labor and delivery I’ve experienced. We named her Selah… it means “pause and reflect.” With all the craziness that was happening at that time in our lives, we needed a reminder to be still. She was such a good baby… slept and ate like a champ. She was easy to care for and such a reflection of her name.

Selah- August 29, 2009

It’s hard to believe she was born just three years ago. She is so full of life and spunk. And – she has a lot of words for a three year old! She talks all the time… it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not… she just talks. She loves Abigail and wants to be just like her. She is curious and always ready with a hug. The poor girl is so clumsy, but she doesn’t let it get her down… she just shakes it off and jumps right back in with both feet.

Selah is usually the second one up in the morning (tybi is the first). She comes out with sleepy eyes and crawls up into my lap for morning cuddles. She is such a sweet girl and so full of life (did I already say that… well… it’s worth saying twice).

Selah loves to be on stage. She took her microphone in the car the other day so she could sing on the way to the post office. She is full of sass.. in a good way.

Happy Birthday to our Big Three Year old Selah!!!! We love this sweet little bundle!

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