Super Kids

I love the imagination that my kids have. They are so creative. They are always making up games and playing make believe. I love that Elijah is not “too cool” for playing pretend and dressing up. I love that they are little! I am doing an artist market here in Hendersonville in October. I was putting together some super hero masks to go with some super hero kits I am planning to sell. I offered the kids each a mask and off they went!

Abigail… a.k.a Captain Nutterbudgin… super power- Shooting pumpkins out of her hands!!

Selah… a.k.a Captain Katie… super power: tossing jump ropes.

Elijah… a.k.a Captain Cool… Super Power: Every super power ever, specializing in jump rope tying!

They are so fun. This morning, Elijah and Abigail were wearing their capes and masks when we started school.

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