A Glimpse into Their World

Elijah and Abigail are at dinner right now… for several months now, they have been building stories about two characters named Aurora and Johnson. They speak as if they are reading a book…

For example

“In Chapter one, we meet two young children…. they are toddlers…”

Apparently there are a gazillion chapters.

I just found out that I am part of the story too. My name is Mrs. Peanut Butter. I say “ahem” a lot. I also fly around and dive bomb people with sea urchins… so, of course, we have to travel to the beach often.

Don’t worry though. I can’t hurt Tybi with my sea urchins because she has an invisible force field around her and can “retaliate” (yes they said that) with red hot bombs. She also throws boomerangs at Tiara (the bad guy… who throws hot boiling bullets).

Sometimes, we “read” the early chapters when Johnson and Aurora are babies and at other times, we check in on the later years.
At one point, they were so involved with this line of play, that Abigail introduced her self to someone at the library as “Aurora” and Selah as “Elizabeth” (that’s her character’s name).

These kids and their imaginations… I mean… wow!


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