Looking Back- Christmas

I guess blogging about Christmas on Valentines Day is kind of like the blogospheres equivalent of not taking down Christmas decorations until February. Oh Well! It is what it is!

I LOVE Christmas. I love the anticipation… the build up… the wonder of it all. I love it so much… I always have. I love it for several reason.

1. Jesus… of course! We talk about Jesus all the time, but we set apart the entire month of December to focus on the events leading up to his birth and the reason for his coming. It’s a very Gospel centered month. This year, we used a new devotional… The Truth in Tinsel. I found it online. It is an ebook. It has a devotional and a craft for every day in December. The kids really enjoyed the hands on stuff. We did our craft in the morning and our devotional as a family at night.

2. Christmas Music. If it was socially acceptable, I’d listen to Christmas music all year.

3. The gifts Love Language. Have you read the Five Love Languages? One of my primary Love Languages is Gifts. I love to express love by giving gifts and I also like to be on the receiving end of gifts as well. Christmas satisfies both of those needs for me! I enjoy picking out, making, wrapping, etc. I really do.

4. Two Christmases. We usually go to Atlanta to spend Christmas Day with my family. Because of this, we have our Dugdale family Christmas a few days before. It’s awesome… two Christmases. This stresses some people out… not me!

5. Small town Christmas happenings. We basically live in a tourist town… which means… lots of fun holiday activities. .. Lighting of the Christmas tree downtown, Old Fashion Christmas, Story Telling, Cider and Hot Chocolate. Love! Love! Love!

There are more reasons, I’m sure… but I’ll leave it at my top 5 for now.

Enjoy the pics!

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