Looking Back- Abigail Turns 6

I just cannot believe she is six! Abigail is so desperate to grow up. About a month before her SIXTH birthday, she said, “mom…. do you want to know what I want to do for my seventh birthday?” I said “no! Can we get to your sixth birthday first? can you just be six first?”

Here’s a look back at our sweet and sassy six year old!

Abigail 1

When I Was One, I Had Just Begun

(And yes, this is Abigail… not Tybi)

Abigail 2

When I Was Two, I Was Nearly New

Abigail 3

When I was Three, I Was Hardly Me

abigail 4

When I Was Four, I Was Not Much More

Abigail 5

When I Was Five, I Was Just Alive


But Now I am Six, I am clever as clever
So, I think I’ll Be Six For Ever and Ever!

Isn’t She beautiful! She is such a sweet girl and an amazing friend to anyone and everyone she meets. She is sassy for sure and so full of life. We do adore Miss Abigail!

If you’d like to see some about her Little House on the Prairie Party, you can hop on over to the Homeschool Blog and check it out!

**Also… I don’t know the author of the poem I just used. It’s painted on the wall at our local children’s museum and I thought it would be cute for the blog post **

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