Looking Back- Abigail Turns 6

I just cannot believe she is six! Abigail is so desperate to grow up. About a month before her SIXTH birthday, she said, “mom…. do you want to know what I want to do for my seventh birthday?” I said “no! Can we get to your sixth birthday first? can you just be six first?”

Here’s a look back at our sweet and sassy six year old!

Abigail 1

When I Was One, I Had Just Begun

(And yes, this is Abigail… not Tybi)

Abigail 2

When I Was Two, I Was Nearly New

Abigail 3

When I was Three, I Was Hardly Me

abigail 4

When I Was Four, I Was Not Much More

Abigail 5

When I Was Five, I Was Just Alive


But Now I am Six, I am clever as clever
So, I think I’ll Be Six For Ever and Ever!

Isn’t She beautiful! She is such a sweet girl and an amazing friend to anyone and everyone she meets. She is sassy for sure and so full of life. We do adore Miss Abigail!

If you’d like to see some about her Little House on the Prairie Party, you can hop on over to the Homeschool Blog and check it out!

**Also… I don’t know the author of the poem I just used. It’s painted on the wall at our local children’s museum and I thought it would be cute for the blog post **


Looking Back- Thanksgiving

Starting in October, we have had what seems like unending sickness in our house. It’s been going around. Lots of people have talked about. It’s this cough that literally lasts for a month… it’s miserable. And no.. we didn’t all have it at once… one person would just be getting over it when another person would start. We thought we were done with it all just before Christmas, but it looks like we are starting round two.

Anyway. In light of sickness, we had a rather low key Thanksgiving. We hung out at home mostly and then spent some time with some fun friends in town.



IMAG1992We started a new tradition this year. I got a white table cloth from Wal-Mart. The kids each drew/ wrote one thing they were thankful for … Brian and I did too. Each year, we will add to it. By the time the kids are grown, it’ll hold lots of fun memories. I got the idea from Pinterest.

We then proceeded to decorate our home for Christmas. We have a fake tree.. it’s small, but the kids seem to enjoy putting it together:




So.. that was Thanksgiving. Come back soon… maybe I’ll just blog some more!

Adventures in Fall

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE living in the mountains and how fall is my FAVORITE season? Well… I do and it is. The girls and I have been sick for like a month… it’s torture… seriously. I’m so ready for everyone to feel better! Despite runny noses, coughs and sore throats, we have been able to get out and enjoy the amazing fall colors.

Last week, we went to Montreat and hike STRAIGHT up to see some amazing views. This week, my parents came up to enjoy some leaves. We headed to Pisgah to show them Looking Glass falls and then drove on up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the view of Cold Mountain. It was so worth all the driving to see the beautiful views.

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Beach Trip Photo Dump

Brian had some time off that he had to take or it would go away in October. SO.. we headed down to the grandparents’ condo in Saint Simons… definitely our favorite vacationing spot. We had some fun times… we always do. It seems like each time we go, we discover something new to do. This time… we took all of our bikes and got to explore the island in that way. Abigail worked her little legs so hard to ride all over the island. On the way down, Elijah announced to us that he was going to try riding his bike with no training wheels… and he did! He’s so fun.

Alright… on to the photo dump!


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Super Kids

I love the imagination that my kids have. They are so creative. They are always making up games and playing make believe. I love that Elijah is not “too cool” for playing pretend and dressing up. I love that they are little! I am doing an artist market here in Hendersonville in October. I was putting together some super hero masks to go with some super hero kits I am planning to sell. I offered the kids each a mask and off they went!

Abigail… a.k.a Captain Nutterbudgin… super power- Shooting pumpkins out of her hands!!

Selah… a.k.a Captain Katie… super power: tossing jump ropes.

Elijah… a.k.a Captain Cool… Super Power: Every super power ever, specializing in jump rope tying!

They are so fun. This morning, Elijah and Abigail were wearing their capes and masks when we started school.

Apple Picking

We seriously are in love with living in the mountains. We’ve been here for a year now. The kids have noticed the trend in our family that we move a lot. They have been nervous that we are going to move again sometime soon. They were relieved when we signed our lease to stay in this house for another year. We had a talk the other day that it’s ok to want something. It’s okay to like where we live and want to stay here. But we always need to remember that what God wants for us is the more important thing and if we move again, it will be because he has something even better for us (Elijah suggested Hawaii).

We also told them to not worry about the future, but to enjoy our time here, however long it may be.

So.. on Saturday, we headed over to Sky Top Orchard for some apple picking. It was so fun! We were the first people there. For about half an hour, we were the only people there.

All four of the kids in a wagon. I’ve given up hope of having them all look at the camera at the same time!


Sampling apples before we headed out to get our own


Mary Ingalls driving her wagon to town!


Apple Picking




Look at those growing kids! Brian and I were talking about how we hope these kinds of days are great memories that the kids take with them as they grow older. We hope that even when they are teenagers, they will still want to come out and apple pick with the family. One can hope… right?



First Day of School 2012

In lieu of Meal Plan Monday, I’m sharing some pics from our first day of school. I wasn’t planning on starting school for a couple of more weeks, but we’ve been getting packages in the mail with school books and I got a laminator for my birthday that I’ve been playing with. Elijah couldn’t take it any more… he was begging to start school.
So… I scrambled around this weekend getting things ready for the kiddos to start this morning. I never know what grade to say the kids are in… according to their ages, Elijah is in second grade and Abigail is in Kindergarten… BUT Elijah is doing a third grade spelling and math, reading on a 12th grade reading level,etc. Abigail is doing a first grade curriculum and plugging on ahead in math. God has blessed these kids with quick minds. Elijah loves to read and Abigail is really bright when it comes to math. It’ll be interesting to see how the year goes with both of them “doing school.” Selah has things she can do if she wants to join us. She’s the wildcard for sure.

Here are the First Day of School Pictures.




For those of you who are interested in following our homeschool year more closely, feel free to check our my homeschool blog, Plants and Pillars.

And for those of you who are really missing meal plan monday… I haven’t planned our meals yet, but I know we are having Pepperoni Pizza Bites tonight and Taco Tuesday Tomorrow.


Building Memories- Indoor Camping

I have to say that Brian is an amazing husband and father. He is so great at creating wonderful experiences for our kids. He can take a simple night at home and turn it into something great. I do hope our kids take these memories with them throughout their lives.

The latest plan was indoor camping. Abigail has been wanting to go camping for real for quite some time. Brian and I are not the biggest fans of sleeping outside in tents. We would do it in our backyard, but there are obnoxiously loud dogs in our neighborhood… plus Brian found some big paw prints on our trash cans recently… so, no thanks!

As a test run to prepare for maybe, possibly, one day actual camping, Brian set up the tent in the girls room. We pulled out the sleeping bags and let the kids spend the night together.

We had a picnic blanket set up in the hall for our dinner…. sandwiches and chips.

Brian set up a “campfire” with wood and candles. We put some marshmallows on skewers to roast and made smores… it actually worked!

The kids were so funny.. they couldn’t wait to go to bed. They got themselves ready and tried to snuggle down WAY before bed time. We spent time singing along with the guitar, reading some Little House on the Prairie and having our night time Bible reading. The kids settled down remarkably quickly, all things considered and passed out in the tent. Although, the next morning, Elijah declared that he would be sleeping in his own bed the next time. Apparently the girls are active sleepers.

They even had stars to gaze up at!

Fun times… way to go Super Dad for planning such a fun night!