Back on the Blogging Train

I shall make no excuses for not blogging for two months. Not one. Instead, let’s just enjoy this look back:

At the beginning of November, we headed to Atlanta so Brian could do some painting for my parents. We’ll just refer to this as fall break. Have I mentioned that I love homeschooling. Brian keeps asking me if we are on track with school… you know, to get all the days we need… don’t worry… I’ve got that under control!



Thrilled that mommy is taking yet another picture of her. But really… the whole time I was trying to get her to smile, there was a little boy (maybe 4) who kept sticking his head in the picture to inform me that she would not play with him. I may or may not have said I don’t blame her.


This one will smile for me.


This one too.



They make a great team


We went on a walking trail that I never knew existed in Sandy Springs. I grew up in Atlanta… lived ten minutes from this thing… never knew it was there. Ha! The kids enjoyed running with cousins!

IMAG1820My sis in law and I were walking behind the running pack of wild children when some guy made one of those unnecessary comments that I can’t stand. He said “please tell me that you’re not related to all of those children.” Why? I mean… why say that?!?! Heck yes we’re related to them… and I had one more napping at home… take that!

IMAG1828I even got to go on a date to the Cheesecake factory with this guy!

Successful fall break.. you betcha!


Beach Trip Photo Dump

Brian had some time off that he had to take or it would go away in October. SO.. we headed down to the grandparents’ condo in Saint Simons… definitely our favorite vacationing spot. We had some fun times… we always do. It seems like each time we go, we discover something new to do. This time… we took all of our bikes and got to explore the island in that way. Abigail worked her little legs so hard to ride all over the island. On the way down, Elijah announced to us that he was going to try riding his bike with no training wheels… and he did! He’s so fun.

Alright… on to the photo dump!


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Super Kids

I love the imagination that my kids have. They are so creative. They are always making up games and playing make believe. I love that Elijah is not “too cool” for playing pretend and dressing up. I love that they are little! I am doing an artist market here in Hendersonville in October. I was putting together some super hero masks to go with some super hero kits I am planning to sell. I offered the kids each a mask and off they went!

Abigail… a.k.a Captain Nutterbudgin… super power- Shooting pumpkins out of her hands!!

Selah… a.k.a Captain Katie… super power: tossing jump ropes.

Elijah… a.k.a Captain Cool… Super Power: Every super power ever, specializing in jump rope tying!

They are so fun. This morning, Elijah and Abigail were wearing their capes and masks when we started school.

Celebrating Selah at Three Years Old

Three years ago, we had just moved to central Florida for Brian to go to RTS. I was about 34weeks pregnant when we got there. I kept putting off making a doctors appointment… insurance was frustrating, we were settling into a new house and chapter in our lives. Brian was working as a manager at Chick Fil A while also going to seminary full time. Going to the doctor was not high on my priority list. I finally realized that I needed to go at about 36 weeks pregnant (especially considering that Abigail and Elijah were both about a week early). I called to make my appointment and let them know how far along I was, but when I got to the doc’s office, the nurse just kept staring at me. When I asked what was wrong, she said, “we have written down that you are six weeks pregnant!” Clearly there was a miscommunication and she realized that rather than just beginning my pregnancy, I was quickly coming to the end.

Selah was born at around 2:15 in the afternoon. It was the easiest labor and delivery I’ve experienced. We named her Selah… it means “pause and reflect.” With all the craziness that was happening at that time in our lives, we needed a reminder to be still. She was such a good baby… slept and ate like a champ. She was easy to care for and such a reflection of her name.

Selah- August 29, 2009

It’s hard to believe she was born just three years ago. She is so full of life and spunk. And – she has a lot of words for a three year old! She talks all the time… it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not… she just talks. She loves Abigail and wants to be just like her. She is curious and always ready with a hug. The poor girl is so clumsy, but she doesn’t let it get her down… she just shakes it off and jumps right back in with both feet.

Selah is usually the second one up in the morning (tybi is the first). She comes out with sleepy eyes and crawls up into my lap for morning cuddles. She is such a sweet girl and so full of life (did I already say that… well… it’s worth saying twice).

Selah loves to be on stage. She took her microphone in the car the other day so she could sing on the way to the post office. She is full of sass.. in a good way.

Happy Birthday to our Big Three Year old Selah!!!! We love this sweet little bundle!

Apple Picking

We seriously are in love with living in the mountains. We’ve been here for a year now. The kids have noticed the trend in our family that we move a lot. They have been nervous that we are going to move again sometime soon. They were relieved when we signed our lease to stay in this house for another year. We had a talk the other day that it’s ok to want something. It’s okay to like where we live and want to stay here. But we always need to remember that what God wants for us is the more important thing and if we move again, it will be because he has something even better for us (Elijah suggested Hawaii).

We also told them to not worry about the future, but to enjoy our time here, however long it may be.

So.. on Saturday, we headed over to Sky Top Orchard for some apple picking. It was so fun! We were the first people there. For about half an hour, we were the only people there.

All four of the kids in a wagon. I’ve given up hope of having them all look at the camera at the same time!


Sampling apples before we headed out to get our own


Mary Ingalls driving her wagon to town!


Apple Picking




Look at those growing kids! Brian and I were talking about how we hope these kinds of days are great memories that the kids take with them as they grow older. We hope that even when they are teenagers, they will still want to come out and apple pick with the family. One can hope… right?



Building Memories- Indoor Camping

I have to say that Brian is an amazing husband and father. He is so great at creating wonderful experiences for our kids. He can take a simple night at home and turn it into something great. I do hope our kids take these memories with them throughout their lives.

The latest plan was indoor camping. Abigail has been wanting to go camping for real for quite some time. Brian and I are not the biggest fans of sleeping outside in tents. We would do it in our backyard, but there are obnoxiously loud dogs in our neighborhood… plus Brian found some big paw prints on our trash cans recently… so, no thanks!

As a test run to prepare for maybe, possibly, one day actual camping, Brian set up the tent in the girls room. We pulled out the sleeping bags and let the kids spend the night together.

We had a picnic blanket set up in the hall for our dinner…. sandwiches and chips.

Brian set up a “campfire” with wood and candles. We put some marshmallows on skewers to roast and made smores… it actually worked!

The kids were so funny.. they couldn’t wait to go to bed. They got themselves ready and tried to snuggle down WAY before bed time. We spent time singing along with the guitar, reading some Little House on the Prairie and having our night time Bible reading. The kids settled down remarkably quickly, all things considered and passed out in the tent. Although, the next morning, Elijah declared that he would be sleeping in his own bed the next time. Apparently the girls are active sleepers.

They even had stars to gaze up at!

Fun times… way to go Super Dad for planning such a fun night!

Cow Appreciation Day 2012

We really like Chick Fil A (I know you’re shocked). I put Cow Appreciation Day on the calendar this month and the kids were so excited. That morning, they donned their cow costumes first thing!

Usually we hit up two Chick Fil A restaurants on this wonderful day, but alas, there is only one in Hendersonville. We headed out for an early lunch so Brian could join us.

I actually tried submitting this photo to the chick fil a cow day contest, but for some reason the votes aren’t going through… bummer… but what a cute family pic!

Even the littlest cow dressed up… no fries and nuggets for her this year though!

One of the kids’ favorite things to do is trade in their kids’ meal toys for icecream! Those are some good looking little cows!

Garden Fun

We decided to plant a little garden along the side of our house this year. We have not had success in the past with planting things. I’ve tried herbs before and we had a little tomato plant in Florida that did not last very long at all… it had one lone green tomato on it that Abigail picked without permission. We went into this gardening adventure with very little knowledge. Brian asked some questions to various people in town and we got to planting.

We planted carrots, basil, oregano, spinach, beans, sunflowers, corn and watermelon. When the basil and oregano looked like they weren’t going to do anything, we cleared that patch out and planted cucumbers instead. It has been SO FUN to watch all those tiny seeds sprout and grow into such different looking plants.

We’ve already had spinach salad and tried some of the beans and carrots. We pickled our first couple of cucumbers (you can read more about that HERE). We picked some corn the other day that we’ll have tomorrow night.

I have really enjoyed getting into the garden and working… there is something so satisfying about it. The kids look forward to running out and checking on the plants each morning. They love to take turns watering it!

Selah was pretty excited about this carrot. She carried it around for about fifteen minutes… she used it as a sword to swat at the other carrot plants. I finally made her surrender it to me so I could put it up!

The watermelon and cucumbers are the plants I am most excited about. We have about five or six watermelons that are growing on the vines right now. They get bigger each day! We have several cucumbers that will be ready for picking any day now. The kids want to make more pickles. Brian has a recipe he wants to try as well. I’ll probably be blogging more about those things on our homeschool blog if you want to follow along there.

I am so excited to learn more about gardening. I am already looking forward to next year’s planting season!

Impropmtu Tea Party

Confession: I am not girly… I know that must be a shocker to everyone who knows me. I always thought I would have all boys. When Abigail was a baby, I didn’t believe the ultrasound that said she was a girl. I didn’t take tags off of clothes. I thought surely there was a mistake and she was a boy. After I got over the shock of having one girl, Selah came along and then Tybi. Apparently God wants me to be a mom to girls… which is fine… except that I have no idea what to do with them.

When I was a little girl, I rejected dresses, hair bows and all things girly. Abigail and Selah refuse to wear pants… they only want dresses and skirts!

Brian took Elijah hiking this past weekend. I needed to clean the house, but I knew that I was going to have the girls home with me and that  they would want to do something… especially Abigail who treasures time with me and always asks if we can do something girly.

I wish I could say that I thought of the idea of a tea party all on my own, but I didn’t… Brian planted the idea in my head and Abigail is really the one who planned and executed. I was just there to bake cookies and make fairy tea (limeade).

The girly girls had fun… they washed their dishes, set the table, dressed in their fairy fineness and had a great time.

Incidentally, after the tea party was over, the girls headed out to ride bikes (in their princess dresses).

Blog MakeOver and Catching Up

Welcome to the new Dugdale Family blog. All our old posts and pictures are here… don’t worry!

Some of you know that I was having some issues with blogger and basically abandoned the family blog because of it. However, when we were in Atlanta last week, I had several people tell me that they read our blog. I was like… oops… you mean the blog I don’t post on anymore? So… I thought I’d revive it over here on wordpress. I’ve been using wordpress for my homeschool blog for a while and haven’t had any problems.

So… maybe you’re asking about the name, “Basket Case”… ? Well… I took the first initial of everyone’s name B-rian, A-bigail, S-elah, K-atie, E-lijah and T-ybi… and since things are basically crazy all the time around here, Basket Case kind of seemed fitting. What do you think?

Alright… now that we’ve got that squared away, here’s what’s been happening with us:

We finished up school a couple of weeks ago. This is one of Elijah’s final projects… his ocean box. There is at least one sea creature to represent each type we learned about. He’s very proud of this box!

We’ve been gardening… this is our watermelon patch. We also have corn, sunflowers, bean, cucumbers, carrots and spinach.

We’ve been hiking… one of our favorite places is triple falls.

We’ve been playing… a lot!

We’ve been visiting cousins…

… and visiting grandparents… they all LOVE story time with Gammy!

We took Brian out for breakfast on Father’s day. He is a great daddy for sure!

I was a guest blogger for a big Homeschool blog… you can read my post here.


I made the girls these super cute Little House on the Prairie bonnets because they are pretty much obsessed with being Mary and Laura (they made up a brother for Elijah to be… his name is Charlie). And… I liked the bonnets so much, I decided to do a giveaway on my homeschool blog… head over and check it out if you are interested.

So… I am going to TRY to keep up with this blog. Thank you to those who had such nice things to say about it and our family. I’m going to TRY to jump back on the multitudes on Monday bandwagon, share our family meals… what works and what doesn’t AND TRY to use this blog to record the hilarious things my kids say!

Thanks for stopping in. What do you think of the new look?