Looking Back- Thanksgiving

Starting in October, we have had what seems like unending sickness in our house. It’s been going around. Lots of people have talked about. It’s this cough that literally lasts for a month… it’s miserable. And no.. we didn’t all have it at once… one person would just be getting over it when another person would start. We thought we were done with it all just before Christmas, but it looks like we are starting round two.

Anyway. In light of sickness, we had a rather low key Thanksgiving. We hung out at home mostly and then spent some time with some fun friends in town.



IMAG1992We started a new tradition this year. I got a white table cloth from Wal-Mart. The kids each drew/ wrote one thing they were thankful for … Brian and I did too. Each year, we will add to it. By the time the kids are grown, it’ll hold lots of fun memories. I got the idea from Pinterest.

We then proceeded to decorate our home for Christmas. We have a fake tree.. it’s small, but the kids seem to enjoy putting it together:




So.. that was Thanksgiving. Come back soon… maybe I’ll just blog some more!