T- Shirt Quilts

I have recently gotten into making T-Shirt Quilts… it started with this one…

 college memory quilt with 25 shirts including pocket squares from t-shirt fronts
Then there was this one… made for a family who is leaving for the mission field. It includes t-shirts from all the members of the family…
 Family memories with t- shirts of varying sizes.
And from there, I have been getting requests from friends and friends of friends.
 Basic Quilt with 20 shirts
Quilt with sash pieces and t-shirts of varying sizes.
Another example of sash pieces.
For those who have been asking,
I charge $5 per shirt for the basic quilt.
The basic quilt includes shirts with flannel sides and flannel backing. You pick the color flannel. The quilt has polyester quilt batting inside to make it warm and snuggly!
If you want sash pieces between the t shirts, the price is $8 per shirt. This price includes the sash pieces, batting and flannel backing.
If you are wanting a different fabric such as denim or fleece for the backing, you will need to add an additional $30 to the price.
The shipping charge is $15.
To recap… for a basic quilt, you would pay $5 per shirt + $15 for shipping.
For a quilt with sash pieces, you would pay $8 per shirt  + $15 for shipping.
I suggest 12, 15, 20 or 25 shirts.
If you are interested in having a quilt made, please contact me at katie.dugdale@gmail.com . Please allow two weeks for the quilt to be made and shipped.

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