Celebrating Abigail

Words really cannot describe our sweet Abigail. She is her own person. She is not like her brother or sister. Were it not for the fact that I clearly remember giving birth to her… I would wonder where she came from. Abigail is turning 4!!!

To celebrate Abigail, here are a few favorite pictures and quotes from the past year…

“Abigail, come here” “Just a minute… I’m eating butter.” -Katie and Abigail

Elijah (reading): “Hand sanitizer kills 99% of germs” “I have germs in my nose” “The alcohol in hand sanitizer rides all over your body and kills the germs.” “pass it over…” – Elijah and Abigail

“Why are you using chapstick?” “Because my lips are falling off.” – Elijah and Abigail

When getting in the car, Abigail asked, “Mommy, can you turn it down?” “Turn what down” “Turn down the hot!!”

“Abigail… what would you like for breakfast?” “Bacon… just bacon… lots of bacon!” -Katie and Abigail

‎”mommy- when I bite my tongue really hard, it hurts” 

‎”mommy, where’s the pan store? target? mommy, does target have pans? will they have carts? mommy, I want to ride. mommy, will you get 1,2,3,4 pans? mommy did you say yes? mommy, I see a pumpkin. mommy, I don’t see any tractors. I really like tractors…” abigail’s stream of consciousness on the way to target.

abigail- I don’t like broccoli. elijah- have you ever tried it? abigail- well, I tried the toy broccoli and didn’t like it.

Sometimes, most times, when Abigail has done something Abigail- ish… Brian and I look at each other and ask, “what are we going to do with that girl?” The other always answers… “love her.” And we do… we do love her… she is our sweet little girl and we are excited to see what will happen in the coming years.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

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